Monday, December 3, 2012

On Hold

Grrr.  Looks like my blog will be on hold for a bit until I can get my storage space issue resolved.  Apparently posting weekly for the past 5 years has caused me to fill up all the space.  I'm sure there's a way around it.... but it won't let me add anything else.  I don't want to delete anything yet because I haven't completed my photo books... and my blog is the only thing that will let me remember all the details of what went on!

Stay tuned for Brooklyn's Birthday pics and our new family pics.  :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Smiles :)

Oh, the life of a dog....  Isn't it nice?  Kids left a pillow on the floor so she thought it would be a good place to nap!

Hey, there's my feet!

That's so funny!  She was giggling over everything.  I love that sound!

Where's Waldo?  I mean Brooklyn?  :)  I was doing chores the other day and realized I was missing a child. I called for Brooklyn and heard a muffled response coming from the toy box.  I lifted the lid and here's what I found.  Silly goose.  Good thing she answered me or it may have taken a while to find her.  She had the lid closed and there were no toys out of the box.  NO CLUE she was in there!

Where's Madison?  Kids threw a bunch of toys around her and she thought it was so cool to roll around in the big pile.  "So much to choose from.  Where do I start?"

This little boy LOVES his baby sister.  He still wants to hold her all the time, is constantly hugging, tickling and loving on her.  SO CUTE!  He cannot keep his hands off her.  First thing when I bring her down every morning, he starts saying "Good morning Madison" over and over until she smiles at him.  She had an upset tummy the other day and he told her "Don't be sick Madison".  I love the fact that he loves her so much.  He's such a good brother!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Wasting Here!

Madison is NOT liking the whole baby food idea.  I have made her several different options and so far the only thing she will actually eat is apples... and even then she puts up a fight.  I keep trying though and hope she gets the hang of it sooner or later!

In the meantime, her food is NOT going to waste.  Apparently Trenton likes baby food too :)  Brooklyn feeds him after each meal and he eats every bite left behind.  What a goof!  Brooklyn calls him over to eat his  "squished bananas" or "squished peas".  They crack me up.  He took a bite of peas from his plate and told me yuck, then proceeded to eat the whole container of Madison's peas and told my they were yummy.  They were the same exact peas, only hers were blended with some water.  He's weird.

And while I'm talking about my goofball boy, thought I'd share this.  He's been in his big boy bed for about 8 months now...  and has recently decided to explore new sleeping arrangements after we've tucked him in.  The spot of choice seems to be the stairs where Bailee sleeps.  And this night he had his pillow, blanket, monkey, pillow pet, baby and bear with him.    He was totally passed out.

He sure is a silly boy :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I like doing family themes on Halloween, but didn't have the time or energy this year.  I'll have to get started earlier next year :)

So instead, we have a beautiful Minnie Mouse, a handsome Spiderman...

And the cutest little bunny rabbit you ever did see!

My nephew was a zombie prisoner.  I love the look on Trenton's face when he first saw Tanner.  He couldn't figure out why he was hurt and still smiling :)

Spiderman with his mask.  Good thing I got a picture... He didn't like to wear it and I seem to have lost the mask while we were trick or treating.   Oops. He sure looked cute though!

 I love this little dude and all his crazy picture poses! He's so funny!

Brooklyn woke up sick and I thought we were going to have to miss out on all the fun, but her tummy seemed to have settled during the day so we decided to go anyway.  She fell asleep in the truck so we let her rest there while dinner was cooking.  I think it did her good because she woke up happy and ready to party!

Grandpa and Trenton:


 My sweet girls:

 Carrot anyone? Mmmm....

 The kids all ready to trick or treat.

Me and my crew.  Madison wanted no part of picture taking... She wanted milk instead.

Trick or treat Grandpa! (I think they hit him up at least 5 times)...

Snack time!  :)

We met at Kurt's mom's house this year.  This is the 11th Halloween in my house, and I've only been home once (when Kurt had surgery).  We always get the whole family together.  It's more fun that way.  This year it was us, my parents, my Grandma, my brother and his family, my sister in law's parents and Kurt's sister and husband!  Next year the kids will have a new cousin and they can show him the ropes!

Trick or treating.

I think my little bunny rabbit was worn out with all the tricking!  I had to laugh, we were handing out candy in the driveway and I had Madison in my lap. One of the mom's walking with her kids thought I was holding a stuffed animal until she moved.  She had to come check her out after that.  She had the perfect baby costume!

Back at home and totally wired!

Hope everyone else had as much fun as we did!  Happy Halloween :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Food Time!

Got the go ahead to start giving Madison solids.  I was hesitant since she has sensitive tummy/allergy issues.  It took 4 different tries with formula to find one that didn't make her vommit or break out in a rash so I was scared to see what was going to happen with food.  Guess we won't know until we try though! 

Started with cereal.  She wasn't too sure about it.

Didn't like the taste.

 And didn't eat very much of it...  But at least she didn't have any ill reactions.

Except for maybe this face.  OK, we'll try again tomorrow :)

I've got the Baby Bullet out and ready to make homemade baby food.  Next week we'll try some fruits and veggies!  I just have to be a little more careful with this sensitive girl than I was with the others.  They could eat anything!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Colorado in the Fall

I think I need to go to CO in the fall every year.  It is amazing.  The colors are beautiful, the weather is absolutely perfect, and there is a ton of fun stuff to do!

I could not get enough of the trees.

LOVED the red ones!  Had to pull over while driving through town to take a picture of this one that caught my eye!

The neighbors are also amazing.  We looked out the window one morning and they were riding horses around the property.  Of course they offered to take the kids for a quick ride.  Brooklyn LOVED it!

I wasn't sure if Trenton would be scared or not, but he loved it too :)

Loaded in the ranger to take a ride with Grandpa.  (One of their favorite things to do).

I LOVE this cute boy.  He is such a camera ham.

I went hiking one morning through the canyon and when I circled back I found my dad, my grandpa and Trenton fishing in another neighbor's pond. My dad said Trenton sat there so patiently while they were fishing even though it took a while to catch something.  And when they did catch one, he got SO excited.

Trenton came running in when they were done yelling "Caught Fish, Caught Fish, Big One" so we had to come check it out.  I think my dad was having fun with his little buddy doing all the "boy stuff".

Brooklyn wanted her picture with the fish too.  She didn't actually get to help catch it because she had to come home with a bloody nose.  Oh well.  Next time!

Such a hard life :)   What a cutie pie!

Madison enjoying a bath in the kitchen sink! I think she liked it :)

We went to a festival at the pumpkin patch.  Brooklyn and my grandma outside the haunted house.  The kids were just playing games in the closet the night before calling it "spooky forest" so we had to take a picture by the real spooky forest.  :)  (Note to self, don't take a 2 year old through a haunted house when you first get somewhere... scared him and he didn't want to do anything for the first half hour... oops).

Me and the kids.

My cuties at the pumpkin patch!

Petting zoo at the festival.  This goat kissed Brooklyn.  She didn't seem to mind!

Trenton thought the goats were pretty neat too.  They both kept chasing them around.

Me and my girls!

Typical Bucy Family photo.  Brooklyn making faces, Madison bothering Trenton...  You get the idea.  Can't get everyone to smile for the camera at once.

My grandma, Brooklyn and the big John Deer.

My crew.  We had lots of work to do delivering those pumpkins :)

Riding bikes

Cheese grin with great grandma.

He had to get in on the bike fun too!

Come on brother, go faster!

Quad ride anyone?  This one seems to be full though.  The kids have so much fun with all grandpa and grandma's "toys".

Grandma and Madison.  Two happy ladies!

Madison got to check out the high chair while we had meals.  She looks so little in there.  Hopefully she'll get to participate in the "eating" part of our meals soon.  With all her sensitive tummy/allergy issues, I have been scared to start her on solids.  We'll see what the Dr. suggests at her appointment this week.

Trenton got himself up to the top of the castle at the playground and didn't want to come down.  Didn't want mommy's help, only grandma.  So yes, my mom climbed the castle too!  Heehee...

Madison got to check out the big swings for the first time.  She sure had fun!

Happiest baby ever!  She is such a sweetheart.

Next year Kurt will have to join us on the October trip.  I think he would love it just as much as I did.  It is so nice that my parents have this CO house.  We love spending time with them and it makes for an easy vacation!